GEP Forest Boot-camp 4 Research 2021

This is a lovely moment shared among participants. The forest is amazing and participating to this event is an obligatory duty that will frequently occur with inherent pleasures.




13 November 2021 - 16 h 00 min


18 November 2021 - 9 h 00 min


Mt Kala, at 12km from Yaounde, Cameroon   View map

Global Environment Protects (GEP) is a non-profit Local Association which deals with environmental protection and capacity building.

In view of many difficulties encountered by students and young researchers in:

  • Mastering new concepts linked to environmental sciences,
  • The inability of young people and nature lovers to identify plants,
  • Inaccessibility and hostility of tropical ecosystems (forest, mangrove, etc.),
  • The desire to discover,
  • The taste and the passion for nature,
  • The familiarization with elements of its direct environment,
  • The impossibility of joining the practice to the theory,
  • Etc.

GEP gave itself the duty to facilitate the acquisition of all this knowledge for people wishing to participate in our environmental activities. This is the reason why each year, we organize discovery trips in different ecosystems of Cameroon to allow young people, students, researchers, and nature enthusiasts, to satisfy their ambitions.

The research camp allows them among other things to:

– Discover the ecosystem in its entirety and its contours;

– Familiarize yourself with the world of research;

– Make new meetings between participants;

– Participate in scientific activities (accounting for carbon stocks, floristic and multi-resource inventories, installation of data collection devices, sampling and inventory plots, etc.);

– Satisfy your curiosity;

– Discover the forest atmosphere at night ;

– Camp and sleep for the first time in a forest ;

– Learn survival skills in a difficult and hostile environment ;

– etc.

This year 2021, a new FBC4R is announced in November and will record the participation of several people from different social strata.

Registrations are already open and the number of places is limited



+237 678-081-810


The registration is in progress! The amazing free week running throughout this semester 1 2021


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  • this is the most amazing forest program of this end of the year. I can advise all students and passionate to enroll


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